Sunday, October 5, 2008

Knight Rider: Bad Show Gets Worse With Lousy DiD Scene

First, a couple of fairly indisputable facts:

  1. Night Rider is bad show. Really, really bad.*
  2. Deanna Russo is kind of a babe.
*If you happen to be one of the few who like this wreck, you're welcome to your opinion, but I don't want to debate the issue as I don't care and it's irrelevant to the point of my post, so please no "I really like the show" posts.

So late Wednesday night I'm FF through that night's KR, (`cause I always try to follow the Underdog Riff Raff rule "Just... in... case..." ) and there's our babe... in bondage!

Uh, well... sort of. I mean technically she's bound and gagged, but I was, to put it mildly, less than enamored. Hands bound in front. She looks asleep. And that gag. Have I mentioned how much I hate loosie tape gags? This one's not just a loosie, it would be up for an all-time Loosie award! Think I'm kidding? Watch when Mike (Our intrepid hero) "rips" the tape off. He could have just held her head down a bit and gravity would have pulled that tape gag off. Yes, it was that loose.

If this crappy show can't do better than this, please just die. Die now and save me the DVR space and time.


maddogmk1 said...

I agree that at first having her sitting there with a 'piece' of tape over her mouth and her wrists taped in front was pretty ludicrous.

However it turned out to be a plot point. It was used to show what a badass she is by having her jump up and give the bad guy running at Mike a double axe handle blow[shades of Larry 'The Axe' Henning, Mr. Perfect's father] with her 'bound' hands and knock him out.

MagickRat said...

Even the Tape Gag had a bit to be desired. You could tell it was the 'ol "Double Backed" piece of tape to keep the adhesive off of the actress's lips. Old Hollywood trick. You could tell by how flat & stiff the tape appeared to be.
I kinda liked what she was wearing though, so that kinda made up for the rest...