Friday, November 7, 2008

Responding to Libs 2

"Congress DID authorize the fight without a declaration of war. So what??? That doesn't make it Constitutional."

That's certainly a true statement. Sadly, more and more, Congress, POTUS, and especially the courts, have either ignored the Constitution, or "interpreted" it in a manner that's so illogical only an insane person could follow it. That said, in this case, we have to decide if what we're doing now constitutes a true "war" or is more like a military police action. IMO, war means going all out, with full effort and as much force as is necessary, to totally and completely defeat enemy nations of our country. We haven't done that since WWII.

I would hope that as a "believer in the Constitution" you would agree that Congress is limited in its powers and cannot simply grant itself unlimited authority.

I feel ALL branches of Government should be extremely limited in power. I do, however, feel that the Commander-in-Chief should have full authority to act immediately if he feels national security is threatened by a foreign entity, be it a nation or a terrorist cell.

My only point was that when the republicans have made such an absolute mess of your country an imbecile knows it's time for change .

OK, the Republicans have done a crappy job. Agreed. But before I "change" anything, I want a credible, viable, alternative. Obama's way is neither. The man's words have no substance, other than I get that he:
  • Hates coal.
  • Wants to jack up taxes on "the rich", which by his nutty calculations, includes me.
  • Spread the wealth, ie, Income Redistribution, ie, take from those who work, and give to those who don't.
  • Ban personal ownership of firearms, thus leaving us defenseless.
  • Allow, and expand on the continued murder of preborn infants.
That sort of change I can happily do without.

The US electorate seems to have supported that view in pretty large numbers .

Not in the state I live in, but overall, yes. What I find so disheartening are the number of Obama supporters who worship at the feet of "change" yet cannot give any specifics as to exactly what those changes will be, or how it will specifically help them.

My opinion is this election was more about "Anybody But Bush" and the Republican Party offered no real alternative.

I live in Ireland ,i have no idea where you're getting your 70 percent tax brackets from .

I looked up Ireland in the Tax Misery Index, and indeed your nation is very low compared to other European nations like Sweden.

Anti gun Whackos ? As opposed to what ,over 40000 handgun deaths a year ,and exactly how many school shootings ?

First of all, that's a totally bogus stat, but that's not the point. If it were 10 times that number, it would not change my opinion on this issue. In fact, it would actually enforce it.

There are basically 3 types of death by firearm, or "handgun" if you prefer:

Accidental: The number is falling thanks to a stronger emphasis on firearm safety instruction; but in a world where hemorrhoid medication requires a warning not to take orally, I don't see much hope that the number will ever get too low.

Suicide: Someone who is determined to end it all is going to succeed no matter the means.

Murders: The key point here is that murders are committed by criminals. I'm all for taking firearms away from criminals. I'm even more for taking criminals out of society. What I'm not for is taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens.

Tell me, have your tyrannical anti-gun laws in Ireland taken all firearms away from criminals? Don't even bother to answer because I know the answer is of course not, because that's simply not possible. Instead, law-abiding citizens, like you I assume, are rendered all but defenseless. You have to put your faith in pepper sprays, maybe a big stick, and the police.

That's all hunky-dory until Mickey O'Thug and his gang jump you, stick a 9mm in your face, and rape your wife and daughter in front of you.


James Gagney said...

I will just answer your last point ,and thanks for taking the time to address my points it was so much more coherent than your original anti european rant .
I love guns ,fuckin love them ,i wish they were as readily available as they are in your country but deep down i am glad they are not .
There were 17 deaths from handguns last year in ireland ,all gangland ,bad guys shooting bad guys .There was one incident of an innocent bystander being shot in the midst of a hit .One.
If the scenario arose you spoke of i think i would suddenly become an advocate of widespread gun availability but right now ,no but i can guarantee you i would die by the bullet before i'd let my wife be raped by anyone .
It can work ,Countries like Canada have readily available firearms ,and tend not to shoot each other en masse the way you americans do .
My problem is with such a huge population you are obviously gonna have a few whackos ,and with such an easy availability of firearms ,you get pissed of disturbed people shooting up the post office the high school,Mcdonalds etc.
The conservative argument ,that if these whackos have the guns ,we should have them too for protection just doesn't hold water ,it only puts more guns out there ,and adds fuel to the fire .
Respectfully .
Your irish pinko liberal commie friend.

Anonymous said...

"Countries like Canada have readily available firearms ,and tend not to shoot each other en masse the way you americans do ."

Err..Sorta not fair. We have the population of some US States. Fair would be us up against one of the States. I believe California is one of the equal in POP. The rates then would be equivalent

Don't worry though. There is some other stuff from Ann & her buddy Factor Bill O'Reilly that this dogsledder will get after when it come up!

Seeing how Vince "welcomed" me. ;)

James Gagney said...

That's a good point KDNPR be interesting to see the per capita stats .The amount of gunrelated deaths in canada as a percentage of population .

Anonymous said...

"That's a good point KDNPR"

Actually, it's "Jay L" from Brians Come over THERE {Here} and give me {Vince} both barrels. ;)

I used my email to sign up and post on Pat's site and that's why KDNPR show up. Not trying to be here in disguise. ;)

Anonymous said...

bbYou wonder if we're in a real war or if it's a "military police action"? PLEASE show me where in the Constitution anyone has the power to deploy our troops in a military police action.

It's interesting that you think the Commander in Chief needs to be able to respond immediately (without worrying about the Constitution is very strongly implied in your words). After Pearl Harbor, FDR immediately went to Congress and asked for a declaration of war. Germany declared war on us and our Congress responded in kind within 24 hours. The attacks on NYC and the Pentagon were on Sept 11th. We invaded Afghanistan 2 months later. We invaded Iraq 18 months later. I'd have to think that a declaration of war could've been squeezed into their schedules.

For the record I'm not a liberal but I know it's easier for you to lump all your comments under one heading.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry, lozersezwhut?

Didn't hear you, lozersezwhut?