Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Apple A Day... Keeps Hottie Selena Gomez Quiet

What do you mean, "All the guys love me this way"? 
Offhand, I'd say it would take me, oh, maybe one-tenth of a second to come up with about fifty ways to better show sexy Selena in a bound and gagged DiD situation. Maybe less on a good day, but that said, this isn't the worst way to start a DiD career, y`know? Heck, she could be like the Hew, or Britney, or Xtina and give us nada-buttkiss for her entire hot period, or like Hayden Panettierre and tease us to death with oh-so-close stuff.

I mean, at least she's trying.

High marks for the effort, if not the execution.

I have to blame the director here. Selena seems to be a good enough sport about it, so it's his fault they're using a lame-o apple rather than a wonderfully tight, knotted cleave.

I also have to say a kind word about her shoes. Nice heels, babe! Good job! We need a lot more of this kind of footwear on our damsels. 

Overall, I have to rate this scene a 2.75 on the Greyman DiD scale. Rather high for a fairly short apple gag scene, but hey, it's Selena Freakin' Gomez people.

And many thanks to SAM (The Awesome One) for some of these pics, as well as this early release video clip link, even if it is from a Russian TS grab.



Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Selena is such a babe. I wish that apple was a red ball-gag!

I would rate this scene as a 4. It's Selena Gomez!

The Greyman said...

Yeah, I'd prefer her ball-gagged as well, but we take what we can get.

I gave it as high a rating as I did because it was Selena. Without her, I would have rated it a 1. Apple gags don't do much for me usually.

Anonymous said...

At least the mmmhhppps are hers, it was enough to wack one off

Rick said...

Anonymous, you are a sick fellow. Yes, we all masturbate at times I'll admit, but most of us don't brag about it.

imrickjames said...

please for the love of god tell me where this is from.

this is just like finding the brenda song gag

The Greyman said...

Well Rick, because you asked nicely and because I do indeed LOVE God, it's from Selena's new film MONTE CARLO.

Can't believe you're just now hearing about this scene. It was all over the DiD community back when it was first discovered.

BTW, IMO, this scene blows the Brenda Song scene clear out of the water!