Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gag `em Dano! OLTL Produces Fine DiD Scene For Summer

I, for one, am really going to miss the Soaps when they finally go extinct. Though they don't produce at nearly the rate the did back in their heyday of the 80's and early 90's, they still come up with some darn good DiD material on occasion.

Witness the latest little episode from One Life To Live. Blonde cutie "Jessica" (Bree Williamson) is gagged with both a knotted cleave and a wraparound tape gag. That's impressive stuff. Is this show now secretly produced in Germany or something? Maybe they're auditioning for a spot on German TV next year.

I mean, a knotted cleave or a wraparound tape gag is rare enough for a soap, but both at the same time? I would have loved to be in that meeting or at the set when they told Bree how she was going to be gagged.

"Holie shitske guys, can't I just have a small, loose piece of duct tape over my mouth like they do on regular TV these days?"

"Nope, that's not realistic enough."

"But, a cleave-gag... excuse me, a knotted cleave gag... AND tape?" 

"Not just tape, but wide black tape wrapped tightly around your head! Bwhahahahahaha!" 

"I think you guys are getting too much into this whole kidnapping damsels and tying them up shi..ummppp!"   

At least I don't have to learn many lines this week!

Uh, don't you think this gag is a little bit excessive?

"Please take my gag off! I promise I won't scream!"

"Remember, you promised not to scream..."

"I'm a girl, you idiot! Of course I'm gonna scream!

"You lied! Now I'm going to super triple gag you!"

"You look so hot tied up! Wanna have sex?"

Few things in life are perfect and that is true here as well. For me, it's pretty much all about the gag, but even I cringe at the utter stupidity of tying a damsel's hands in front like this.

Still, a very high quality scene. I give it a solid 3.75 on the Greyman 1-5 DiD scale, with 5 being the most ultimate scene ever, and 1 being barely worth noting. Slight deducts for the lame tying and the damsel babe herself, who, though admittedly cute, doesn't really fire my rockets, if you know what I mean.


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