Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Story Update!

I had an extra long holiday weekend, and it was hot as nine hells outside, so you guys reap the benefits of me being a writin' fool during that period. 
Not one, but two all-new chapters!
***Warning! Warning! These stories are for ADULTS ONLY! 

Chapter one of an all new tale!

When bored young Jake sees something going on over at the abandoned factory near his home, he decides to check it out and discovers a group of captive females from town. The bad guys return and it's just the beginning of... 

One Wild And Crazy Day

Download One Wild & Crazy Day Chapter 1

Then, stay here for CHAPTER 2 of

Hard Time In Crenshaw County

Hard Time In Crenshaw County Chapter 2



Ty M Goode said...

Okay, Seriously. Nobody's commented on these stories yet!?!

Awesome work, V. Makes one wish for a long, oppressive Summer of heat...and inspiration.

The Greyman said...

At this point, each of these two new story chapters have been downloaded almost two hundred times. You're the only one thoughtful enough to post any comments so far.

Anyway, many thanks for the feedback.

Ari said...

Yep, your typical great work. We should all be thankful for hot weather!! Thanks for your work.

MagickRat said...

I didn't even realize there was a comment thingy in here!

Anyways, awesome work, dude. Looking forward to continuing chapters...

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I hear August is due for a real heat wave. Glad to see you writing more.

Drew said...

Here's what I am guessing for W&CD. Baddies enter. Jake is re-assured. "Don't worry, we don't tie up males. You're gonna be our helper." Jake is then made to re-gag our heroines. Of course if it were one of my stories, they'd a;ll; three have to tell him their bra sizes first.

The Greyman said...

How the heck are you Drew? Long time no hear! Hey, send me an email so I can have yours. I want to ask you something.