Saturday, July 9, 2011

Now That Selena Has Gotten Her DiD Cherry Popped, Will Miley Be Next?

Fake! (The gag) The boobies are real.
On a purely technical basis, Miley Cyrus already has a couple of minor (Heavy emphasis on the word "minor") scenes. One a hinky dink online clip where she half-ass tapes her own mouth for a brief time, and the other where she's tied and gagged (Supposedly. You can't even tell it's Miley as her face is covered almost entirely) with a feather boa.

In my opinion, both of these instances royally suck stinky cheese, and should not in any way count as DiD scenes.

Christmas Present? This will do fine, thanks.
There is reason for hope, however, as she has a film coming out soon called "SO UNDERCOVER".

The plot is this: "A tough, street-smart private eye is hired by the FBI to go undercover in a college sorority." 

Well that seems like a perfectly logical plot to me. I'm sure the world is filled with teenage hotties who happen to be street-wise private investigators.   

No? Look, it's a chance to see a very nicely filled-out-in-all-the-right-places Miley Cyrus potentially bound and gagged, so just go with it, okay? Now admittedly, this plot isn't quite on the level of say, "Miley is kidnapped and held hostage by a sexually deviant bondage fetishist." but it's not bad, and it certainly has more potential than the plot for Selena's Monte Carlo.    

Here are a few more shots of Miley, just in case the one above didn't wet your appetite enough.

This Girl Has Some Fine Legs...

And The Rest Ain't Bad Either!


J Bodine said...

Hello daddy! Miley has been doing some stomach crunches! I am in love!

I'll bet Daddy Cyrus is really hitting that these days!

Captain Canada said...

I have never thought of Miley Cyrus as all that, but she looks very sexy here.

Your poll is interesting as it shows all of the girls except Demi very close right now.

Your site is excellent. It is one of my favorites that I visit often.

The Greyman said...

Bodine, I agree, her stomach looks great, but I'm gonna leave the Billy Ray Cyrus doing his daughter thing alone. There were rumors about that after they appeared in that ad where they were both naked, but I just can't believe that ever happened.

Though I do admit the ad is kind of creepy that way.

Anonymous said...

She has been gagged before, once unrealistically on her show (evil lookalike cousin identity theft was the only turn on about it) and for a say no to h8 advertisement she was tapegagged. So was Emma Roberts man my wrists were sore that day

Stan Manley said...

Grey talked about the feather boa gag, and that was the show with her evil twin.