Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Story! Chapter 1 Posted

With a fear of flying, an attractive, high powered attorney and her two sexy daughters are driving from San Diego to New Orleans for a multimillion dollar settlement negotiation. But their trip takes them through Crenshaw County and into the arms of a violent, demented man, Sheriff Mack Hill, and his perverted cohorts. Now held as bound and gagged prisoners on trumped up charges, the girls must use their wits, wiles, and will to live to survive doing...

Hard Time In Crenshaw County

In a spur of the moment, flash of inspiration type thing, I knocked this little start of a story out this weekend. However, I'm not really sure it has any "legs". Need some feedback here. 


Ty M Goode said...

Well, you're certainly off to a fantastic start. When will young hardbodies realize you can't spout off to a dedicated (and apparently kinky) officer of the law, like they would to a liquored-up lethario.

Sounds like Sheriff Hill's daughter is a real wildcard too. Throw in a crooked (and kinky as well) judge, and these gals are looking at some, uh, "Hard" time.

wmb said...

Interesting beginning. Looking forward to seeing what happens next. One Question. Who is the actress playing Beth Kirk? I can't place the pciture and something tells me I will as soon as you tell me her name.

Cheers and may your Muse being bountiful.

The Greyman said...

Thanks, and it's Selena Gomez.