Friday, August 12, 2011

Uninhabited (2010) Gag Scene

Funny, this scene wasn't in the script...
This is Geraldine Hakewill, and these shots are from the 2010 film "Uninhabited".  It's a little Aussie cheapie flick about a couple looking for some privacy go to a desert island that's uninhabited. By that I mean supposedly.

Crikey! Forgot the frangers!
Obviously it's not, or we wouldn't have a movie, now would we?
Please know that as of yet, I haven't seen this movie. I got the money shot from the trailer, here. I'm currently acquiring the whole movie (Cough... torrent... cough...) but it may take a day or so. I can tell you that she's gagged and tied to a pole and I can tell you that there's a gagged putz in there as well. The girl, Geraldine, as by the bikini pic, has a decent body and is reasonably cute, but no one's going to confuse her with Jessica Alba or anything.  A six or low seven at best. Obviously, I have no clue (Yet) how long the scene is, (Guessing medium length) or what the set up is, or if she mmph's her heart out (Possible, but doubt it), or if there's stuffing behind that cloth covering her mouth. (Highly doubtful, but always hopeful.)

As I said, apparently this is a low budget independent film. It did not garner very good reviews. Also, from what I've read this is Gerry's first feature film.

So, my question is, why cast a kinda nice looking, maybe okay actress, as the lead? If she's going to be in skimpy clothing much of the time, why not cast someone like this:
This is Sophie Monk. That's Sophie's nipple. I'm impressed.

Can't afford a known actress? Okay, so what? I can't see there being any shortage of uber-hot bikini babes in Australia.

Me, if I'm the director I'm casting the hottest girl I can find who can act her way out of a paper bag, then I'm plastering the poster with her sexist bikini shots and of her bound and gagged.

I might not win an Oscar (Or whatever the hell the Aussie version of that award is called) but I guarantee my movie would get a lot more publicity and sales.



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Pat Powers said...

Sophie Monk is indeed a hottie!