Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Really Weird Continuity Error In DiD Scene

This bedspread smells wonderful!
Check out this little DiD clip. I downloaded it yesterday and on it's own, it's a nice enough little scene. Gag's kind of weak, but the girl is cute, hands and feet tied, and there's some decent struggling and hopping. Nothing particularly memorable, but certainly not bad. 

Rescue boy needs to hurry! I have to pee!
Our heroine has been abducted by the bad guy, with the good guy in hot pursuit. She lies bound and gagged, waiting to be rescued or ravished, depending on who gets to her first. Only, she decides the hell with all this waiting, I'm outta here, and starts hopping towards the door.

No satellite TV? I am so out of here!
Funny, this gag used to be tighter...
Mmmph! Yes... like this!
Here's where the weird starts happening. As she's hopping, at the 1:31 mark, her gag changes. Not just changes from a detective to a cleave, or something like that, but as a totally different gag altogether. Different color and everything. Then, about two hops later, it changes right back to the black one from the beginning and stays that way. Cray-zee. I don't recall ever seeing that before. Not this bad, anyway. I can only assume the wrong gag part was some sort of rehearsal scene that somehow got mixed in. But why tie a gag on? And why the wrong one? And why so sloppily? (It's all but falling off as she's hopping)

Just odd is what it is.
By the way, I re-cut this from the one online, and took out the extraneous stuff, leaving the tied and gagged part. Here's the clip for you to view...

 ... and here's the clip for you to download.

This reminds me, someone emailed the other day and asked why I didn't just post my videos in Blogger like above. Well, several reasons. One, it's easier to download them. Two, it gives me a lot more control over my stuff. Three, and this is really the big one, it allows for the best quality. This clip for instance, is about 32mb. When I uploaded it to Blogger, they were kind enough to cut the size (And thus, the quality) by 3/4, down to 8mb. No thanks. I'll stick to MediaFire and MegaUpload.  



bassguitarhero said...

Wow! That was a bizarre gag change! Thanks so much for posting the clip.

Lakorn DID Lover said...

this clip is from Thailand, Lilly See Kularb (Lilly Colored Rose), and this is the second thai scene contains gag change. The first one is green tape change into red tape at Vmean Pka Moy Roy Ep. 17

Marc said...

Man, that's some BAD continuity !